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Returns and refunds for Marketplace items

To return an item purchased from a seller on the DistrictStore Marketplace, you will need to return it directly to the seller. Check the seller’s return policies before placing your order Marketplace sellers are required to apply return policies that comply with those applied by DistrictStore. You can then rethink your purchase and return the purchased item, without having to specify the reason, within 30 (thirty) calendar days from the delivery date, unless the right of withdrawal is excluded from the applicable legislation. For example, we remind you that the right of withdrawal is excluded for products made to measure or personalized on your request by the seller. If you want more information about a seller’s return policies, you can click on the seller’s name and visit the relevant detail page. On the seller’s page, you will also find information on shipping costs, customer feedback and in some cases information on return costs. On the seller’s detail page you will find the Terms and Conditions section for more information. If in this section the seller has not entered specific indications on the return policies, the provisions contained in the Legal Guarantee and Refunds sections of this help page will apply. If your return is not handled by the seller in accordance with what is indicated by the seller in his Return Policy, you can send a claim under the Warranty. Check the seller’s return policies after placing the order If you have already placed an order for an item sold and shipped by a Marketplace seller, you can check the seller’s return policy by visiting the Online Return Center and clicking Return Items. International returns Marketplace orders placed on districtstore.net by foreign sellers are subject to the international return policy. Based on this policy, international Marketplace sellers must provide an address in Italy where customers can send returns. Alternatively, sellers must provide a prepaid return label for return to foreign addresses, or offer a full refund without requesting the return of the item. If a seller does not comply with this policy, you will be able to submit a warranty claim. The seller must also bear any additional costs (for example, customs fees) or refund you if you have had to bear those costs to receive the item. How to return an item to a seller To begin the procedure for returning an item purchased from a seller, visit the Online Return Center, and click on Return an item. Select the item you wish to return and the reason for the return. If the return request is approved, you will receive a return label via email which you can print by accessing the online return center. Some sellers use a different procedure and may send you an email containing special instructions and the address to send the return to. You can also view the seller’s response in the Online Return Center. Sellers will typically respond to return authorization requests within two business days. If you do not receive a response within two working days, you can send a Claim under the Warranty. If you think about your purchase, the shipping costs for returning items purchased from a seller are at your expense, except for the items of the categories Shoes, bags and clothing. However, if you receive a defective, damaged or item that does not correspond to the description provided by the seller (for example, if you received a used item while the item was described as new), you may be entitled to a full refund. If you contacted the seller within 30 days of product delivery and if you returned the product within 14 days of arranging the return with the seller, but have not received assistance, you can file a claim under the Warranty. We advise you to carefully pack the item to prevent it from being damaged during transport and to ship your return with a traceable shipping method with signature on delivery. If you do not use a traceable shipping method signed on delivery to return your item and the seller does not refund you, your claim under the Satisfied or Reimbursed Guarantee may not be accepted as it is not possible to verify that the return has been received. from the seller. Note: refusing a delivery does not mean returning the product with a traceable shipping method, in case of refused delivery it may not be possible to provide a refund in accordance with the seller’s return policies or the Satisfied or Reimbursed Guarantee. We advise you to accept the delivery and then start the return procedure. Legal guarantee If you purchased a defective or non-compliant item from the seller of the DistrictStore (i.e. lack of conformity), you have the right, without you having to incur any expense, to the repair or replacement of the defective product by the seller. The legal guarantee applies in the event of conformity defects which occur within 24 months from the delivery date of the product you have purchased, even if on that date the defect was not immediately detectable. To assert it, you must notify the seller of the defect within 2 months of discovering it. Many Marketplace sellers offer a commercial guarantee on the items sold. This warranty, free or paid and of variable duration, could include the repair of the damaged item. Note: the commercial guarantee does not replace the legal guarantee, which sellers are legally obliged to. Manage your return requests To manage your return requests, visit the Return Center online and click on the Manage Return button. From here, you can:

  • check the status of a return request
  • print a return label if the seller has approved the request
  • view correspondence with the seller
  • cancel a return request
  • send a claim under the Money Back Guarantee.

Refunds If you buy as a “consumer” and return the purchased product within 14 calendar days of delivery, exercising the right of withdrawal, the seller will refund you the shipping costs incurred to receive the product and the price paid for its purchase, according to the following ways:

  1. If you are returning an item that is part of an order that also includes other items, the seller will refund the shipping costs for the item you have decided to return.
  2. If you are returning a full order, the seller will refund the shipping costs for the entire order.
  3. The seller will only refund the standard shipping costs for both items delivered in Italy and for items delivered outside Italy.
  4. If the seller organizes the collection of the item at your home, he may ask you to pay the costs of the collection, and if you use a pre-paid return label, the seller will deduct the shipping costs from the total amount of your refund.

Sellers are not required to reimburse the cost of the gift box or the costs of other ancillary services. When you exercise the right of withdrawal, the costs for returning the product are your responsibility. If you use a pre-paid return label, the seller will deduct the shipping costs from the total amount of your refund. If, on the other hand, you rethink your purchase and return the purchased item within 30 days of delivery, the seller will refund the price paid for the purchase of the product that is returned but not the shipping costs that you incurred to receive the product. Again, sellers are not required to reimburse the cost of the gift box or the costs of other ancillary services and the costs for returning the product are your responsibility. However, your rights under the Legal Guarantee of Conformity are reserved. When you purchase from a Marketplace seller the contract is concluded between you and the seller, DistrictStore receives the payments and transfers them to the seller. Refunds for Marketplace orders are made by DistrictStore at the request of the seller. Refunds are typically processed within 1 week of the seller’s request. You will receive a refund on the payment method used for your purchase and DistrictStore will send an email confirming the refund.

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